Thursday, December 5, 2013

Resolving Post-Yolanda Settlement Concerns

The following executive brief of the proposal for funding for a housing project for Yolanda and future victims of calamities is shown below. It was also published in our social networking site. See here.

The Post-Yolanda Housing Situation in the Philippines

A reported 300 Kph-strong, hurricane category 5 tropical cyclone hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013 and devastated a large number of areas located within nine (9) administrative Regions of the country.

The final report on the actual scientific and technical analysis and assessment of this natural phenomenon - its true levels of strength at various stages, identifiable patterns of emergence (if any), and other factors, will take some more time, however the situation on the ground of those that were affected by the disaster needs immediate attention.

Furthermore, also needing immediate and serious attention are the victims of calamities about to occur in the near future in the Metro Manila and surrounding areas. The Philippine Government itself, together with other sectors, have warned that the next big calamity will strike the national capital region itself. These bodes for measures to mitigate the atrocities and huge damages to Metro Manila similar to the ones suffered by the people in Visayas and parts of Mindanao brought about by tropical cyclone Yolanda."It appears that even being able to obtain certain satellite data about a tropical cyclone’s strength, and the inevitable accompanying storm surges as in New York and other parts of USA very recently, due to inferiority the PAGASA cannot shout out its warnings to the public loud enough so the people can feel the poignant threat of what is going to hit them and at what point in time in the near future." 

For this reason, we made an appeal to the international financial community according to our long-held perspectives for relocation, resettlement of disaster victims, particularly those that live in communities that lie in the direct path of disasters. More > >

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