Saturday, November 23, 2013

New prospects and directions

The recent disaster in Visayas as shown in the photos below from open sources, galvanized our resolve to take new directions and work on new prospects. We will do our share in the rebuilding of these lost social enclaves in all of 9 regions, formerly lively, dynamic, alive and healthily breathing communities now reduced to tatters, broken down to no-man's lands.

We fully understand the difficulty with which people in the government are responding to the horrendous affair. The politicians will always be politicians, undressed down to their birthday suits, the mark will always be there. Our government workers will not be able to do anything on their own without the pols who are fighting each other.

The determination of our group, is for private sector to enter into the picture. What may be better is for the business sector to band together and achieve results on its own, without bothering the public sector.

A distinct feature of our plan however, is placing some focus on relocation. For instance, Tacloban and Samar households along the coasts will always be in danger from storm surge, tidal wave, tsunami and other similar events that are ever worsening and growing fiercer every yearMore > >

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